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Street vendors struggle for survival amidst corona crisis

Vending In The Time Of Corona: An Elotera Who Can’t Afford To Stay Home Is Attacked

Streetsblog Los Angeles
Vendors across the city wonder how they will feed their families as business evaporates; a Street Vendor Emergency Fund aims to help.
With city council approving what effectively amounts to a moratorium on street vending earlier this month, vendors are even less protected than usual.
The moment of clarity came a couple of weeks ago for Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director of Inclusive Action for the City, when yet another vendor came in to his office seeking a loan through their Semi’a Fund micro-loan program.

Types of Loans for Minority-Owned Businesses

In collaboration with the East L.A. Community Corporation and Public Counsel, launched the Street Vendor Emergency Fund to provide direct cash assistance to vendors.
As of now, they plan to offer $400 on a pre-loaded Mastercard to each eligible street vendor.
Rents are high enough in L.A. that $400 will likely not be enough to keep a vendor from having to be out in the streets.

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