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What does the Coronavirus sound like?

Scientists have come up with a way for you to hear the coronavirus: by translating the structure of its famous spike protein into music. The sounds you hear—the chiming bells, the twanging strings, the lilting flutes—all represent different aspects of the spikelike protein (above) that pokes from the virus’ surface and helps it latch onto unsuspecting cells. Like all proteins, the spikes are made of combinations of amino acids. Using a new technique called sonification, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology assigned each amino acid a unique note in…

The Website Diet

In times like this where we have to stay home we are rapidly moving our daily offline life to online. Networks are suffering of our highly increased usage and we experience this as users by longer loading times and even unreachable websites. Should websites we use go on a diet, to increase our user experience? The average web page is about 2 megabytes, according to HTTP Archive, a site that tracks the performance of websites and the technologies they use. Today’s web pages are problematic for people on slow connections…

Uber’s Work Hub helps drivers to find new work opportunities

Demand for ride-hailing in cities is down severely due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as such, drivers are struggling to find work. Uber is rolling out a new feature for drivers that is designed to help them find work during this crisis – even if that work is for a different company. Uber drivers received an email on Monday announcing a new feature in the driver app called the Work Hub designed to help drivers earn money with the company’s other ventures. Drivers can use the Hub to receive orders…

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