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African terrorists strike hard under the guise of the corona virus

As Coronavirus Keeps The World Distracted, Boko Haram Militants Strike Chad, A Key Western Ally Against Jihadi Terrorism In Africa.

On March 23, Boko Haram terrorists ambushed a military encampment of Chadian soldiers on the Boma Peninsula, in the Lake Chad region.

To the west, powerful jihadi groups strap bombs to young girls around the Lake Chad Basin in northeastern Nigeria, Cameroon, and Niger.
Déby’s powerful army and willingness to use it in the global war on terrorism have made him a darling of the West and a key player in the fight against terrorist groups in Africa.

Chad sent thousands of soldiers to drive jihadis allied with al Qaeda out of towns in northern Mali in 2013 and has conducted successful campaigns against jihadis around Lake Chad-operations in which the country’s far larger and richer neighbor, Nigeria, has utterly failed.

Most Western leaders have ignored the regime’s democratic abuses, seeing Déby instead as the key bulwark against insecurity in the region.

In February 2019, dozens of pickup trucks filled with fighters from the Union of Resistance Forces, a Chadian rebel group led by Déby’s own nephew, entered Chad from Libya and headed toward N’Djamena to overthrow the president.

The army has suffered huge losses to resurgent jihadi groups in the Lake Chad area in the last year.

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